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18 February 2022

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Cleveleys East

Andrea Kay

Mob: 07909 001436

Cleveleys South & Carleton

Alan Vincent

Mob: 07917 836663

Fleetwood East

Lorraine Beavers

Mob: 07876 388864

Fleetwood West & Cleveleys West

Stephen Clarke

Mob: 07917 836666


Alf Clempson

Mob: 07983 335630

Thornton & Hambleton

John Shedwick

Mob: 07766 785416

Wyre Rural Central

Matthew Salter

Mob: 07717 513829

Wyre Rural East

Shaun Turner

Mob: 07917 836683

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Public Consultation. Regulation 18 and Call for Sites 2022
18 February 2022

Public Consultation. Regulation 18 and Call for Sites 2022

The Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 Part 6 (as amended)
Wyre Local Plan Full Review Scoping Consultation and Call for Sites

I am writing to advise you of the council’s decision to commence a full review of the Wyre Local Plan (2011-2031). The council is now consulting on the scope of the full review and undertaking a call for sites exercise for six weeks from 27 January to 5.00 pm on 10 March 2022.


The Wyre Local Plan (2011-2031) was adopted on 28 February 2019 and contains policy LPR1. This policy requires the early partial review of the Local Plan with the objective of meeting the full objectively assessed housing need over the plan period (2011-2031). In considering views received, alongside subsequent evidence and supporting documents, the council has prepared and recently consulted on the Publication draft Wyre Local Plan Partial Review (2011-2031). The council are currently considering representations received and intend to formally submit the Local Plan Partial Review for examination to the Secretary of State in April 2022.

The council has taken the decision to commence a full review of the Wyre Local Plan (2011-2031) as some additional matters fall outside the scope of the partial review. The full review will run alongside the partial review currently underway.

The Local Development Scheme is available on the councils website which sets out the timetable for the partial and full review.

Scoping Consultation

The new Local Plan Full Review will set out planning policies that will guide the future pattern of development and investment in the borough for the next 15 to 20 years.

The first stage of preparing the full review is to ask the community and other stakeholders to identify issues that the new local plan should address and to identify the evidence required to support the plan’s preparation. This is called “scoping”.

At this stage, the council has not predetermined the issues to be considered nor the evidence base that will be required to support the full review. We welcome your views both on the scope of the full review and the evidence base required to support it.

However, since the current local plan was adopted in 2019, the council has declared a climate emergency. Mitigating the impact of and adapting to climate change will be a key issue for consideration in developing the new local plan.

In addition, the new local plan will need to respond to revisions to the Use Classes Order that came into effect on 1 September 2020.

Comments on the scope of the full review should be made in writing via email or letter (details below).

Call for Sites
The council is also seeking to know of any sites, land or buildings in Wyre that could have potential for future development, redevelopment or designation for:

  • Housing;
  • Employment and employment generating developments;
  • Retail, leisure and commercial uses;
  • Gypsies and Travellers & Travelling Showpeople;
  • Renewable, community and low carbon energy;
  • Nature recovery/ biodiversity net gain; and
  • Natural flood management.

The council will assess all submissions and consider what sites could be suitable for development or designation, if required. The council may only be able to take account of sites at particular stages of preparing the plan if the emerging evidence indicates there is a need for that potential use or designation. The purpose of this stage is to identify all potential sites that are available.

If you wish to submit any sites for consideration, please complete the Call for Sites Response Form and send it with a plan clearly showing the location of the site. A Call for Sites Guidance Note is also available.

In due course, submitted sites may be formally allocated or designated in the new Local Plan. Until such a time as any site is formally allocated or designated, any submissions will have no weight as a material planning consideration in the determination of planning applications.

The Call for Sites Response Form and Guidance Note can be downloaded from thecouncil's website or you can collect a hard copy from Civic Centre, Poulton-le-Fylde, FY6 7PU.

How to respond to the scoping consultation and call for sites

Comments on the scoping consultation and the submission of Call for Sites Response Forms should be made by email or post to:

Responses should be received by the deadline of 5.00pm on 10 March 2022. Responses received after this deadline will not be considered.

Next steps and Data Protection

The council is obliged to make all submissions available to the public as it will form part of the evidence base for the Local Plan Full Review. All comments on the scoping consultation and sites submitted as part of the Call for Sites will be published in due course. The name of the sender and organisation (if relevant) will be published, no other personal information will be published. Anonymous responses will not be accepted.

Further information about Data Protection and the council’s policy can be viewed on the council’s website andalso here.

Further information

If you have any queries, please contact the planning policy team on or telephone: 01253 887235/7302.

You are receiving this newsletter because your contact details are held on our Local Plan consultation database. If you no longer wish to be consulted on planning policy matters and/or the contact details are incorrect, please let us know either by phone 01253 887302 or

Kind Regards,
Planning Policy
Wyre Council
26 January 2022

Report a pothole
17 August 2021

Lancashire County Council's highways maintenance service are working hard to improve your roads but they need your help. Last year, the team fixed almost 40,000 potholes and repaired 3,300 faults on street lights that have caused a light to be out. But with 4,600 miles of highways and 5,300 miles of footways to check and maintain, it's vital for people to let them know if they spot any problems between their inspections.

Members of the public can report a highway fault online including potholes, street lights, traffic lights and broken signs. It's quick and easy to do just visit

Alternatively, you can call Lancashire County Council highways on 0300 123 6780, or for out of hours highways emergency call 101.

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