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Nether Wyresdale Parish Council

Welcome to the website for Nether Wyresdale Parish Council.

This website currently holds details of the parish council meetings: dates, meeting agendas and minutes. There are also details of parish council members.

Nether Wyresdale Parish Council  is a part of Wyre District Council which is part of Lancashire County Council.

You can find information about Nether Wyresdale Parish on  Wikipedia. Please note this information is NOT provided by the Parish Council.

Nether Wyresdale Parish is centred around the village of Scorton

This is a new site as of May 2021 and will be fully populated over time.

08 July 2021

Parish Council Meeting

Thursday View Details

History, Charm & Community Spirit

Latest Parish News

Some new news

The park


January 2020
some exciting new news!

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Nether Wyresdale
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